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4IR Solutions Virtual ICC Showcase:

Security, DevOps, and complexity free management with 4IR Solutions

4IR Solutions will demonstrate their managed hybrid cloud platforms FactoryStack and PharmaStack.  This demonstration will highlight the use of multi-factor authentication, the process of migrating changes between a development and production environment, and how the platform deals with issues in connectivity.  Expect to see best practices for security and configuration from Inductive Automation in a fully managed environment that makes it easy to deploy your Ignition workloads on premise or in the cloud.

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Enjoy the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Quick deployment: Efficiently leverage DevOps for rapid release and deployment.

Flexible and scalable: Scale, upgrade, and deploy systems easily and worry free.

Enhanced security: Best-in-class security and encryption so you can feel confident knowing that your data is fully secure.


Our manufacturing cloud solutions.

Fully managed hybrid cloud infrastructure that enables manufacturers to simplify their operational technology, increase efficiency and scalability, and reduce needed resources and costs.


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Our unique combination of factory floor know-how and modern software architectures allows for same-day adoption of cloud technologies without needing to worry about loss of data or a degraded user experience if plant-level Internet connectivity goes down.


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Based on FactoryStack™and created for life science and pharmaceutical manufacturers, PharmaStack™ provides enhanced functional building blocks, data integrity policies, and documentation that enables the development of fully 21 CFR Part 11-compliant solutions.


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